Global Civilisation

Global Civilisation


on 16 Jan, 2018 / by Prithvi Nath

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Universal understanding of Indian Civilization goes back to 1400 years covering Islam and British Raj which made others believe that Indians had no religion - Only a way of life for Indian Sub Continent - Our civilization is the mother of all religions and beliefs as observed by Indian Supreme Court.


Corruption in the world is of mind - A thought nurtured by a soul that does not recognize national boundaries.


In my talks NZ I find he people so much interested in understanding our heritage - Finding meaning and goal of awareness of Self. What use progress if we have lost our soul and self. Dance, Happiness and Art of living beyond birth and death is our heritage that we pass genetically.


Our civilization is Global not local. Civilization is only one, beliefs or sects or religions many. The end of Kalyuga or Iron Age to transform human consciousness in Dwaapar or Brass Age is essentially the victory of reason and science at the Great Laboratory which discovered Boson - Gods Particle to open pathway of Inquiry into genetics that spells end of disease and the entry of super humans in the entire human species.

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